Friday, March 27, 2009

Grant: 2 Month Photo Shoot

He is getting so big! Hence the few photos where his pants don't button. Oops.

At least he didn't have his hand down them.

Ron was MIA, so no photos of him this time. He seems to always time that right. One of these days though...

Christine McGuigan


  1. What an amazing little (ha) guy. he is so handsome! i love the pic of just his face, so serious, so angelic. PRECIOUS! can't wait to see more - :) Risa

  2. I found you on the live feed and saw that you have a son named Grant. He is darling! My third child is named Grant and he's 2 years. It was just yesterday (it seems) that he was 2 months.

    Another blogger from Nebraska!

  3. Gorgeous pics! The sepia one of your hands is fabulous.