Monday, June 22, 2009

Grant: 3 Month Photo Shoot

Cute kid, huh?

Christine McGuigan Photography

Family: Vegas

This one, she gets no attention.

Grant: Food

Grant. He loves his food. Lots of it. In fact, I'm amazed at what he eats becasue his belly can't be as large as the bowl of food. Regardless, this kid has an appetite.

Here was cereal. This is what we started with. This was at 4 months. Notice the messy mouth because he was just starting to learn to eat. Or, my spoon skills could be lacking. Either one, really. Imagine never having eaten before. Might be tricky.

This is life during peaches. He has clearly gotten good at the whole eating thing, and has developed a bit of impatience.

No idea who he got that from.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Family: We're Lucky to Have One

I don't often mention (or jump on a soapbox as it may be) to many people, other than those who had to see it because there was no way around it, the long road Ron and I have been on to build a family (and goodness we're only part of the way there), but a favorite blogger of mine has said it quite nicely. Exactly how I would in fact, so instead of writing my own, read hers. And for those of you less computer savvy, that means click here. This is something I hope you all take to heart/vote for/lobby for/donate to/think about/get awareness about/hug your family because of.

I hope you never have to read her post and dry your eyes with a napkin from yesterday's lunch so your co-workers can't see you cry because you really understand the raw emotions she is holding back, but if you do, her blog is a great place to start in gaining your composure about the situation. She will allow you to find humor in a humorless situation. And goodness, I hope you never do.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family: It's Official

Chris no longer does this stuff purely for fun. (Well, it's still fun for her, but you know what I mean) Guess this means I have to start paying her. Awesome.

I still have yet to find a talent that we could swap for. Need any massive amounts of paperwork done in your near future sis?

P.S. 3 month (I know!) and 4 month (I know!) photo shoots coming soon, plus some stats, nursery, and some other stuff. Aaaaaand probably 5 month (I know!) photos by the time all that other stuff gets up and going. This weekend....