Friday, June 12, 2009

Family: We're Lucky to Have One

I don't often mention (or jump on a soapbox as it may be) to many people, other than those who had to see it because there was no way around it, the long road Ron and I have been on to build a family (and goodness we're only part of the way there), but a favorite blogger of mine has said it quite nicely. Exactly how I would in fact, so instead of writing my own, read hers. And for those of you less computer savvy, that means click here. This is something I hope you all take to heart/vote for/lobby for/donate to/think about/get awareness about/hug your family because of.

I hope you never have to read her post and dry your eyes with a napkin from yesterday's lunch so your co-workers can't see you cry because you really understand the raw emotions she is holding back, but if you do, her blog is a great place to start in gaining your composure about the situation. She will allow you to find humor in a humorless situation. And goodness, I hope you never do.

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