Monday, September 7, 2009

Grant: 7 Month Photo Shoot

Grant is getting so big. It still amazes me that he is ours. (Yes, because of his good looks and brilliance. No, because he is stubborn and ridiculously determined.) He is babbling da-da and ma-ma, though he probably has no idea he's doing it. Although, one day a few weeks ago in the morning when we were getting ready, I sat him up from the changing table and he starting patting my arm and saying ma-ma. And then just a few days ago, the garage door came up and his head flipped around towards the door and he started chanting da-da. So who knows. Some days he is independent and wants nothing to do with our help or our pitiful attempts at playing with him (Mom, you are so not cool with that truck up our nose); and some days he is snuggly and loves our kisses and wants to hug. I can't decide which is better. Free thinking, or mama's boy? Both I guess. This kid is balanced.

Here are some pics from the 7 month photo shoot Christine did. Notice, he looks like he is on the way to prom with his girlfriend, freshman year in college, and the hospital with his wife for the birth of their first child, respectively. Point is, he's. getting. too. big. But, we loooooove it.

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